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GTA has been the power behind some of the biggest and best in world travel for nearly 40 years.

Travel wholesalers, retail and online travel agents benefit instantly from our vast inventory of global travel content, giving you greater choice and control over how you market and distribute travel product to your customers…

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With product sourced from more than 45,000 suppliers in over 185 countries,we connect you to more ways to create profitable travel experiences.

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Connect to a world of travel content accessed by reliable technologies. We offer a variety of connection methods to suit your business model.

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Welcome to g-shop, our world of amazing rewards where your bookings are turned into points.

Exchange your points for popular shopping vouchers, smart phones, tablet computers, travel etc

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Get your hotel distributed

Are you looking for a solution to maximise your hotel's revenue? Do you find it challenging to increase exposure and penetrate new markets?

GTA is your long-term distribution partner who recognises your needs and develops opportunities.

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Do you provide transfers, sightseeing tours or tickets?

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